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Let's Make it

Let’s Make It project welcomes the residents of Friedland Transit Camp and mirrors the ever-changing social and cultural fabric of it. The activities are committed to creating and maintaining a safe place where the participants talk, paint, learn the history of the camp, tell their stories, and join the global cross-cultural dialogue on flight, displacement, migration and integration. At Let’s Make It stories are born and seen in colors and words which visualize openness, mindfulness, empathy, and the sense of belonging to the community and to the personal story. Since August 2016, the multi-layered cultural program of Museum Friedland creates the bridge that leads the residents of the camp to visit the collection which reflects and echoes 70 years of history

Author Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff
(iEARN Syria Coordinator, Museum Friedland)

Samah Al Jundi-Pfaff